BMX Kids Bike Reviews

The term BMX stands for bicycle moto cross. Originally, these bikes are descended from the motorcycles that were used for short track racing. BMX racing is popular with adults all over the world; however, there are many children who are getting into the sport for themselves. Due to their simple and durable construction and a one size fits all design, a parent will not have to worry about their child outgrowing this bicycle quickly. Each bike is not constructed the same. To find the perfect BMX kids bike for their child, a parent should look at the following companies.

Diamondback Kids’ Mini Viper BMX Bike – This bike allows a child to experience the thrill of BMX racing without breaking the bank. It is created from the same design that the company uses for their world renown adult bicycles; however, its compact frame is design for kids who are just learning to ride. Its distinguishing features include a Hi-Ten steel frame and fork, 28 spoke aluminum wheels, a padded seat, and mini BMX grips. It includes training wheels if they are needed, and the bike’s starting price point begins at $124.99.
Mongoose Radical Boy’s BMX Bike (18-Inch Wheels) – This bike has become the unofficial standard of choice for junior freestyle riders. Its oversized tubes ensure the bike’s durability. For the utmost in stopping power, the bikes relies upon front and rear alloy caliper brakes, and the cable detangler supports 360 degree bar spins. The wheel set has a reinforced 48 spoke design, and four freestyle pegs allows a kid to easily advance to more advanced stunts and tricks. A comfortable freestyle saddle completes the image of the ideal bike. Pricing begins at approximately $99.99.
Razor DSX BMX Bike – Silver (16″) – This particular bike is designed with safety in mind when it comes to teaching a young one how to ride BMX style. In addition to dual suspension, the bike also offers an oversized front wheel flange and an enclosed chain. A sturdy four bolt system provides security and durability for the bike’s frame, and the bike’s alloy quick release seat pin allows the seat to be quickly and easily adjusted. The starting price point for this bike begins at $104.95. Training wheels are included in the initial purchase, but can be quickly removed as needed.

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